June 25 - 29


    Join us for a week on the world’s most luxurious island to play and net "work" - all with that little extra sprinkle of Kristina magic.

    We are on a mission to connect you to like-minded individuals in an environment designed to inspire and motivate.


    We have crafted a week with the perfect combination of work and play. Kristina is curating a unique group of individuals with the only prerequisites are being "fun and open minded".


    We are a group of badasses who like to push the limits of life and believe in being conscious of the environment.


    We are notoriously known as the group who "properly uses the island the way it should be used" meaning we always know how to have a good time out there. Look forward to social beach lunches, offshore adventures, dinner under the stars, conservation efforts, watersports, costume parties & beats by our DJ - Alex Cruz.


    As a lot of us are keen kiters, our days will be designed around maximizing the wind conditions !


    We hope to see you there :)


    Susi Mai and Kristina Roth




    This is just an indication to give you a sense of what the days on Necker Island tend to be like. We own the island for the week so we can really do anything we want anytime of course !




    4:00 pm - Champagne Welcome to Necker Island at the Great House for the "Slip n Slide - Right of Passage"


    Wear your bathing suit :)


    8:00 pm - Dinner will be served at the Great House Southern Terrace




    EVERYONE is going to Anegada :)


    Breakfast will be served from 7:30am


    9:00 am - Meet at WATERSPORTS for the big adventure


    2:00 pm - Sushi Lunch will be served at the Beach Pool


    3:00 pm - Lemur Feeding


    5:30 pm - Hot Tub Session


    7:00 pm - Cocktails at the Beach House

    Dinner will be served at 8pm at the Upstairs Beach House




    After Party: Beach House Party



    Breakfast will be served at the Great House from 8:00 am onward


    8:00 am - Island Kite Time !


    1:00 pm - Lunch will be served at the Crocodile Table


    2:00 pm - Kite, Paddle Board, Sail to Saba Rock for drinks


    7pm - Dr BOOM BOOM will tell us what's up at Bali Hi Beach

    Dinner will be served at 8pm at Bali Hi Beach




    After Party: Bali Hi Bonfire Party


    WEDNESDAY - Moskito

    Moskito Breakfast - Downwinder from Necker Watersports to Moskito


    10:00 am - Moskito Talks :)


    2:00 pm - Lunch will be served at Turtle Beach


    3:00 pm - Sail, Paddle board, Kayak, Snorkel off Turtle beach


    Cocktails will be served from 7pm at the Great House

    The Ocean Affair Dinner and Fundraising Auction will be at 8pm at the Great House




    After Party: Beach Bar Party & DJ ALEX CRUZ :)





    8:00 am - YOGA / Kite Session


    Farewell Breakfast will be served at the Great House from 8:00 am onward until the last boat departs Necker at 11:00 am.

  • Guest Speakers

    Bibian Mentel

    Paralympic Gold Medalist

    In 2001, on her way to the Olympic games in Salt Lake City, Bibian lost her leg due to bone cancer. Four months later she was back on her snowboard and another 2 months later she won the dutch nationals snowboard cross.

    Bibian started a lobby to get snowboarding on the paralympic agenda and in 2014 participated on the games in Sochi and won the gold medal.

    Life has not been easy for Bibian, the cancer came back 6 times in hee longues but Bibian always kept believing, always kept dreaming, she started her own foundation to help children with a physical disability and she is training to compete on the games in Korea 2018 Bibian shows that miracles do happen.


    It’s all about Mentelity


    Just imagine… you are 27 years old, a professional snowboarder and about to qualify for the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City (2002). Life is looking good.

    And then - what seems to be a minor injury in your ankle proves to be bone cancer, and the doctors have no other choice than to amputate your lower leg.


    Bibian has been faced with bone cancer twice, and with metastases of the bone cancer to her lungs six times. But this hasn't held her back from participating in sports. On the contrary. Four months after the amputation, she was back on her snowboard and seven months after the amputation she was once again Dutch Champion Snowboard cross…of the fit and able, to be exact!

    Nouriel Roubini

    aka "Dr. Doom"

    Nouriel Roubini is an American economist. He teaches at New York University's Stern School of Business and is the chairman of Roubini Global Economics, an economic consultancy firm.

    Nouriel Roubini is a world renoknown economist as he was one of the few to predict the US and Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2009. He is thus known as Dr Doom for his expertise in spotting financial crises. But he prefers to be considered as Dr Realist for his sober assessment of the global economy. He is also know as a global nomad, peripatetic globetrotter and Renaissance man as he spends half of his time traveling around the world for business and leisure. He was born in Istanbul and lived in Iran and Israel before growing up in Italy and then moving to the USA for his PhD doctorate in Economics from Harvard University. He taught at Yale University before becoming Professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University. In addition to his academic career Nouriel has had senior policy experience having served for two years for the Clinton administration first at the White House and then the US Treasury. Nouriel is also a successful entrepreneur having founded and run two global macro consulting firms, including currently Roubini Macro Associates. He frequently writes for top global newspapers, magazines and media and is frequently interviewed in the global media. His research includes over 100 articles and several books including the New York Times Bestseller "Crisis Economics: A Crash Course in the Future of Finance". His awards and accolades include being listed as one of the global thinkers of our times by Time, Financial Times, Foreign Policy , Prospect and other magazines. He has been a visitor and consultant to the IMF, World Bank and key global central banks. He is a frequent speaker in the international speaking circuit and leading global conferences. In addition to economics and public policy his passions include contemporary art, other visual and performing arts, travel , literature and scuba diving.

    Karen Sack

    Managing Director - OCEAN UNITE

    Karen is based in Washington DC and brings over 20 years of experience working for international non-governmental organizations on environmental issues. She was formerly the Senior Director for International Oceans at The Pew Charitable Trusts where she helped initiate the Global Ocean Commission. Before that, she was the Head of Greenpeace International’s Political & Business Unit and the Head of their international oceans campaign. In 2004, Karen was the first person to speak at a regular session of the United Nations General Assembly. She is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network.


    Karen will be speaking about the need to shorten the distance between ideas and action, and increase and diversify the number of impactful Ocean voices speaking out at the key moments that matter to effect change and elicit action.

    Michael Stewart

    Social Entrepreneur, Ocean Activist and Salty Story-teller


    Michael Stewart is a San Francisco based social entrepreneur, ocean activist and salty story-teller, focused on the critical shift needed toward more sustainable lifestyles, as the macro-solution for solving the key ocean health issues of our time.


    Michael founded nonprofit Sustainable Surf in order to focus the positive power of ocean sports , to transform the culture and business of surfing (worth 11+ $Billion annually) into a truly sustainable model – capable of inspiring positive behavioral lifestyle changes in individuals across the planet.


    Sustainable Surf has been recognized globally for their efforts to inspire wave & wind riders to become ocean health champions, and in 2014 they received the 'Agent of Change' award from Surfer Magazine. And through their flagship program called the ECOBOARD Project, have been helping top board manufacturers of surf, SUP, windsurf, and now Kiteboards – to produce dramatically more ocean-friendly watercraft from plant-based, upcycled and non-toxic materials.


    These types of changes, when multiplied by millions of people making better choices on a daily basis about how they live their lives ( what Michael calls living a 'Deep Blue Life') – provide the foundation for how we can fix the root causes of our broken system, instead of just constantly mitigating the symptoms.


    Eric Edmeades

    A Serial Entrepreneur, Husband and Father

    I am Eric Edmeades; a serial entrepreneur, husband and father. I am also an international business speaker, author and I host a number of highly effective and transformational seminars, workshops and retreats around the world.

    My general philosophy is that life is important. And that we are meant to enjoy our short time here. With that in mind, I am now dedicated to working with entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world to both inspire and empower them to achieve their full potential and to create truly exceptional lives for themselves, their families and their employees.

    I firmly believe that much of the change needed on our planet today — social, political, environmental — will be stimulated and brought about by entrepreneurs and business owners rather than politicians or the general public.

    So please take a look around and let me know if there is anything I or my team can do to support you or your business.

    Lauren Keil

    Operations Manager of Unite BVI Foundation​

    Lauren has worked both locally and internationally in numerous capacities leading social change and investing in people and projects for the greater good. As a Belonger, having been born in and having grown up in the BVI, and with her experience and background in social work, she is close to the heartbeat of understanding the needs in the community. She was the Executive Director of non-profit agency The Family Support Network (a domestic violence crisis support center), helped co-found a non-profit organization called ‘Hands On Volunteers’ (which worked both locally and internationally to initiate strategies for change) and has extensive international experience working in some of the world’s toughest communities in Johannesburg, Tijuana, San Francisco, Mozambique and Haiti. Lauren also co-founded an orphanage in Haiti and helped manage The Home for four years.

    Kim Takeuchi,

    Operations Manager of Unite BVI Foundation​

    Kim comes from a background of international hotel operations and has been involved with entrepreneurial endeavours from an early age. From the early years of backyard lemonade stands her latest endeavour included launching

    Virgin Gorda’s top restaurant, CocoMaya, in the British Virgin Islands. Her strengths are in her enthusiasm to empower and mentor others and her ability to see the potential of individuals in team environments. Kim is an adventurer by nature and is most excited about creative business, supporting entrepreneurial endeavours within the community and empowering youth to be the change makers of tomorrow.

    For the past three years Kim has acted as Deputy Manager of Moskito Island and has personally known the Branson family for over 10 years. Lauren and Kim have an intertwined, successful working history and dear friendship united by their infinite belief in the possibility of creating positive change. Kim has two creative and heart warming children, Wil and Charli who inspire her every day to be kind, say thank you and laugh.

  • Who' Going

    Susi Mai

    Host / Kite Caddy

    Susi was born in Germany to parents who were passionate windsurfers. When she was 5 years old her family moved to the Dominican Republic to pursue their love of adventure and great beaches. There, Susi grew up on the island, living the carefree life of a beach girl. When she was a teenager, she discovered her life’s passion: kiteboarding. After only 8 months of practicing, to everyone’s surprise, she placed 2nd in her first international PKRA competition.


    From that point on, her career in kiteboarding exploded, winning three consecutive "Red Bull King of the Air" in Maui, considered one of the most prestigious events in the sport.


    Today, Susi is considered one of the most inspirational and decorated female kiteboarders in the world. Her deep passion for growing sport has manifested into a number of creative, innovative and impactful projects, including her previous gig at MaiTai Globalt (dubbed by the media as the “anti-conference” and likened to the prestigious TED conferences).


    She’s also designed and developed the first ever line line of kiteboarding equipment – just for girls – setting the scene for a female gear market.


    When Susi’s not traveling around the world chasing the perfect wind, competing professionally, and striving to get the number of girls to outnumber boys on the water, she calls the Dominican Republic home, where she has a dog, a closet and her family.

    Kristina Roth


    SuperShe.com Founder

    Kristina Roth started off in New York - with a laptop and an idea - she went off to build a “Forbes Top 10 Fastest Growing Company.”


    Her thrill-seeking love affair with kiteboarding and snowboarding have taken her across the globe. Along the way she has met inspiring individuals.


    “ I never thought what I was doing, how I was living my life, was extraordinary or anything remarkable,” states Kristina Roth. “I was just doing my thing. But when I got the feedback from other women and finally started to see myself in the eyes of other people, I realized that I can use my positive influence to encourage women to start businesses and become a better version

    of themselves!”


    Today, Kristina Roth is on a mission to bring together badass women from around the world with SuperShe. SuperShe is a revolutionary way for the world's most powerful and influential women to join forces.


    Together, Roth and her tribe of warriors are on a mission to elevate themselves. By creating an environment where passions are nurtured, we change the world: one woman at at time.

    Sir Richard Branson

    Necker Local

    This man knows the island really well and will occasionally be dropping in to kitesurf or have a meal with us, at which point he will also be happy to answer any questions about the island wildlife.

    Paula Rosales

    Pro Kiteboarder

    Asia Freestyle Champion 2015

    Paula Rosales is an all around boardsports enthusiast.


    Armed with a degree in Organizational Communication and Advertising Managment , there is no shortage of fun and creative projects with this one, including her Republ1c Lifestyle Store under Camsur Watersports Complex’s (the biggest wakeboard facility in the world) as Brand Architect, and her position as the Head Event Director for Solaire Palawan Kiteboard Open, hosted at Blue Palawan - Asia’s first and only kiteboarding terrain park. Also she runs an annual All girls Kite Camp, working together with the world’s leading female riders, and owns a few kiteboarding centers in the best spots in the Palawan, Philippines.


    A renowned spokesperson in the asean region with her Carbon - Free - Fun initiatives. Aside from her watersports projects, Paula heads numerous events and produced various creative projects that is inclined to the education of the younger generations on socio-environmental issues.

    Ruben Lenten

    Pro Kiteboarder & Cancer Survivor

    Growing up close to the sea, Ruben Lenten fell deeply in love with kitesurfing. Armed with a kite and a board Ruben knew what he wanted, to ride hard and fly high.


    Following his heart and guided by the wind Ruben uses all of his passion to realise his dreams.


    From ranking at the top of the worlds kiteboarding elite to flying off a 100 meter high cliff Ruben now explores the world and the seven seas to ride the most epic conditions in the most rugged places.

    Ruben works hard at maintaining and improving his mind, body and gear to push it to the next level. The LEN10 brand was built to inspire people to live life free and to the fullest.

    Jared Fliesler

    Jared Fliesler is from the midwest, but he escaped to San Francisco 14 years ago. After studying marketing he went to work for an investment firm in Oakland until he saw the errors of his ways and found his true calling in start-ups at Slide in 2007.


    Jared started working in business development and then moved across a number of roles before settling into product. In late 2010, Slide was acquired by Google and Jared stayed with the company as a Director of Product. In 2011, Jared joined Square, as the GM, to run growth and business operations.


    Jared helped to scale the company from 100 people to 750 and the business from $2B to $10B in processing. After Square, Jared joined Matrix Partners as a GP and invested roughly $30M across 7 companies. A year ago, Jared left Matrix to take time off, travel, and ultimately search for a company, doing good in the world.


    Jared is currently in the process of finding that elusive, rock-star team and company, where he plans to go back into operating and help scale that company's business, team, and impact.

    Kevin Kirk


    Kevin is from Annapolis, MD, but recently moved to SF after spending 3 months traveling the globe. Currently, Kevin is in the midst of launching an apparel company - DROGON - which you'll see him rock on island. Previously, Kevin was CEO of Imaginex, a software startup that develops systems used to power large-scale visual environments at live events. Kevin is also the founder of Nivek Events, a FL-based event company that operates nationwide parties, catering to over 100,000 participants annually.

    Bernardo Jorge Blanco Mitra, SR.

    Visionary - Investor - Operations


    Jorge is the founder of PalawanBeaches.com, Blue Palawan Beach Club and Blue Palawan International Kiteboard Open.

    He has a strong background in business development, political campaigns and international negotiations.


    Now enjoying early retirement in Palawan, the most beautiful island in the world, Jorge has focused his time and efforts in creating projects he dearly calls ‘toys’.

    The Palawan Adventure Park will be the location of his most ambitious project, the best wake park in the world.


    As Executive Chairman of various corporations, he makes dreams into reality. He gets things done.

    David Bettner

    Angel Investor

    David Bettner is an early-stage investor focusing on virtual and augmented reality. Previously he was co-founder at Newtoy Inc. where he created the games Words With Friends, Chess With Friends and We Rule with his brother Paul. He started the company in September 2008 after having worked on Halo Wars and the Age of Empires games for Microsoft-Ensemble Studios. He lives with his wife and two children in Austin, TX.

    Toon Coopens

    Active investor and advisor to startups

    Father of a girl and a boy - Passionate about kitesurfing, snowboarding, freeride skiing, squash, programming, artificial intelligence and exploring new places - First company started at 17, created Netlog - a social network with more than 150 million members - founded Twoo - a social dating platform with more than 180 million users - active investor and advisor to startups that want to revolutionize what they care about (Xpenditure, Realo, Radinn, HAS, Trint, … ) - living in Ghent (Belgium) and Mallorca (Spain) -


    Always all in (except when playing poker).

    Edwin Spee

    Director Mentelity of Foundation

    and Coach, manager, husband and still madly in love with Bibian Mentel

    In jan 2012, I decided to stop with my commercial businesses, I gattered all my staff and workers and told them that I was quiting my job, sell the company and that I would start as the Director of the Mentelity Foundation to help children with a fysical disability to get a better life.

    I helped everybody to get a new job and after 3 month’s I closed the doors and started a new future.

    From that day my life has been so much better. I wasn’t the best entrepreneur after all and cleary gain so much more energy by sharing my skills and helping others to get a better life.

    Living in a small country and bounded by all the rules of a social enterprise the business is not always easy but the energy I get when a child who lost his leg (and who as told he would never snowboard again) makes his first turns back on snow and cant stop smiling all day, keeps me going for another month.


    It’s all about Mentelity


    Tracey Shirtcliff

    Entrepreneur and Technology driver

    Tracey is an entrepreneur and Technology driver. She has a first class master’s degree in Marketing, and is passionate about what technology can do for customers and businesses alike.
    Tracey cut her teeth in technology, enabling Forte Hotels with their first generation web presence, as the head of Electronic marketing. She went on to run a creative tech Agency working in content, well before the mantra of ‘content is king’ was coined. She delivered content and digital strategies for the likes of loot.com, BskyB, Forte hotels, and BT.
    She has launched two tech offerings for Royal Bank of Scotland, a B2B electronic Digital identity product, TrustAssured, and FastPay for NatWest. FastPay, was an online and mobile payment platform. These two offerings were undertaken well before, it was seen as key to engage customers with clever technology solutions, to drive brand value.
    Tracey founded, built and sold a software business that provided award winning software to the creative industry, to better improve process and delivery for clients. Traffic LIVE had offices in London, Sydney and New York, and were the chosen workflow provider for WPP, Aegis and IPG, and supported iconic brands like McCann, Isobar, Wunderman, Y&R, and FITCH. The Secret to her success, in her own words is to ‘surprise and delight the customer with clever technology engagement’.
    She has recently founded another software business, The Virtu Group, which focuses on Big-data metrics for Agencies. Scope the first product user’s data from over a million and a half projects and jobs to allow the agency to better estimates on costing and scopes of work. This process is currently done manually with tools like excel and email.
    She is regularly a judge on Tech Accelerator programmes and has even been asked to run one. Tracey understands the challenges of technology and engaging customers and loves writing about herself in the third person.


    Jenniffer Green

    Life Coach

    Jenniffer is a Colombian-American roaming gypsy and get your sh*t together ninja commonly referred to as a life coach. As the founder of Namasme and Meuf on Top, she spends her days helping others find their happy and to create more satisfying lives. Missing the days when she was a TV producer/host and singer in Latin America but wanting to continue contributing something valuable to the world, she is currently exploring how to bridge the gap between the world of personal development and entertainment. She’s presently based in Bali, where she spends hours driving her scooter, and is finally learning how to play the guitar.

    Lucie Robinson

    Portrait, Art and Fashion Photographer

    Lucie Robinson is a portrait, art and fashion photographer.
    Robinson was born in Jablonec nad Nisou in the former Czechoslovakia into a family with roots in Austria and Imperial Russia.[1] She studied joaillerie in her hometown and design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (VSUP) in Prague. In 1996 she launched a career as a commercial model,[2] moving to Paris in 1998.
    She had received formal education covering artistic techniques, but concentrated on the medium of photography and by the early 2000s established herself as a portrait and fashion photographer. She photographed many celebrities and top models including a 2009 publicity campaign for Louis Vuitton featuring Paulina Porizkova, Miloš Forman and Helena Houdová.[3] Her portraits and fashion editorials have been published by Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Vision (China), Wig (UK) and further fashion and lifestyle magazines in Europe and in Asia. However, Robinson’s uncredited work appeared also in commercial advertisement campaigns for industrial clients like Cadbury, Orange Mobile, T-Mobile and Procter & Gamble.
    Her work has won various prizes, including the 2006 Cannes Fashion Photography Festival[4] and three consecutive wins (2007–2009) of the Schwarzkopf Press Awards.[5] In 2008, a solo exhibition of her work on fashion and architecture was staged in the New York Museum of Arts and Design

    Daniel Malik

    • Studied and graduated in Law and in International Relations, also studied: Art History, Philosophy. Status: overeducated but sane
    • Founded and run several companies, e.g. in automotive supplier and M&A and VC-consulting businesses
    • Since the last company's sale spending time renovating an 18th century country estate in Western Bohemia and travelling
    • Hobbies: horses, historical houses and gardens, thinking
    • Favourite place: South-Western Africa
    • Favourite charity: Order of Malta

    Alexander Lind


    My name is Alexander Lind and I grew up in Stockholm. Always loved the feeling of being close to nature and used to spend all of my wakening time snowboarding (winters) and wakeboarding (summers). Then I found my passion and started working with Radinn to create a new sport that I've always dreamt of.

    Valerie Bönström

    Founder and CEO International of Mrs.Sporty GmbH

    Valerie Bönström is one of the Founders and CEO International of Mrs.Sporty GmbH, the largest european women-only health club franchise, and CEO of PIXformance Sports GmbH.


    Bönström was born 1979 in Berlin, Germany. She had an early love for computers and sports. Her background is in computer science, working for the likes of Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan in 1999. In 2009, Bönström earned her M.B.A. from London Business School, and her Diploma in computer science from Freie Universität Berlin in 2002. Bönström is a mother of 3 kids, a sports enthusiast in her free time and a proven entrepreneur, operator and visionary with more than 13 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.

    The first Mrs.Sporty club launched in 2004 in Berlin, with Bönström initially just helping out her husband, who came up with the idea for the concept in 2003. Bönström started in a small apartment where, along with a few employees, she began developing the Mrs.Sporty franchise. Today, the company has opened more than 530 clubs.

    Back in 2011, she started developing the worldwide first digital personal trainer Pixformance. After more than 10 years in the market, this latest product innovation pushed Mrs.Sporty to the next level.


    Franck Rocca

    Serial Entrepreneur, Kite Junkie and Green Tea Addict

    Stop dreaming your life, start living your dreams... That's my motto

    Serial entrepreneur since age 18, kite junkie and green tea addict, my biggest passion in life is to help fellow entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. Coach, speaker, CEO of a digital marketing agency and numerous e-commerce owner, I love my job 7 days a week and I wish that days last 246 hours to accomplish everything I'd wish to do. Capable to produce 100 ideas per second, I work best at night and have got 99% of all my craziest business ideas while taking shower.

    As a former high-level athlete I am persuaded that sky is never the limit and I am always eager to get farther and faster.

    Proud owner of an Australian Shepherd Sydney (who can run as fast as 31 mph!) and animals right defender, my dearest ambition in life is to create a powerful not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the ocean and the coastline.


    Philipp Stegger

    Founding Member of meinestadt.de

    Philipp studied International Business in Groningen, Netherlands.


    He is a founding member of meinestadt.de, a leading local search and classified platform for 11.000 cities in German. Services range from yellow pages, classifieds, event information to statistical data of each city. With 9 million monthly unique users it is one of Germanys most prominent web services. Meinestadt started in 2001 and got sold to Axel Springer in 2012.


    Further Philipp co-founded a tutoring platform Tutoria, which connected more then 50.000 students and tutors for more then 1 million hours of individual tutoring. Tutoria got sold to Studienkreis in 2015.


    Philipp currently invests in and consults start-ups and is working on new ideas to empower people to better health, self esteem and overall well being through sports.


    Madelyn Yeung

    Veteran Commercial Real Estate Professional

    Madelyn (Maddie) Yeung is a veteran commercial real estate professional, with expertise in investments, project management and asset management. She also is the publisher of Hue Journal, a publication that focuses on interior design, fashion, and the lives of creatives. She now manages real estate projects for Oracle's HQ region, and resides in San Francisco where she enjoys the outdoors and great food experiences.

    Will O´Brien

    Serial Tech Entrepreneur and Engel Investor

    Will O'Brien is a serial tech entrepreneur and angel investor based in San Francisco. Will has built businesses in fintech, blockchain, publishing, gaming, and cloud, invested in over 50 startups, and is a mentor and coach to dozens of entrepreneurs. He first met Susi at the Blockchain Summit on Necker Island in 2014 and subsequently was motivated to learn how to kite. Will was an active member of MaiTai, helping to emcee several events in 2016. Will holds a CS degree from Harvard and an MBA from MIT Sloan. Will lives in San Francisco with his two boys (ages 6 and 4), loves to cook and entertain, and is an avid piano and guitar player.

    Anouk van Oordt

    Founder and Managing Director of Out Of Office & Studio UMA

    Out Of Office change makers transform companies by developing and introducing future ways of working in order to bring the companies culture alive and improve business by enabling flexibility, freedom, trust, engagement, transversal collaboration, creativity and innovation.


    Studio UMA architects transform office work environments by designing human scaled, authentic & energetic spaces with a soul, that are aligned with the companies culture and where people feel at ease, collide, interact, collaborate, create & innovate.

    Michael Kapoor

    Managing Partner - Propeller Venture Capital


    Michael is Managing Partner at Propeller Venture Capital in Washington, DC. His focus is on early stage investments in the Government and Financial Technology sectors.

    Prior to joining Propeller, he co-founded software company RootSquare and P2P service Qubester; a finance professional at firms Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo.

    Michael holds his BS in Information Systems and BS in Finance from the University of Maryland, Executive degree in Innovation and Design from the Sloan School of Business and Venture Capital Executive at the Haas School of Business and Harvard Business School.

    Currently, he is also an Entrepreneur In Residence at University of Pennsylvania's Center for Technology, Innovation & Competition and Fellow at University of Pennsylvania's Law School.


    Shelly Collins

    Founding Partner of the Shatter Fund

    Shelly is founding partner of the Shatter Fund, a returns driven fund investing in technology companies led and started by women. Shatter is the culmination of Shelly’s entire career of working in the Tech industry as a founder, investor and advisor, and extensive experience in mentoring and empowering women in the US and abroad. An unparalleled network of strong female operators built over 20 years in the Tech industry provides the Shatter team with access to some of the most exciting, mission driven female led companies. A few of Shelly's investments include leading female led companies GlamSquad, UrbanSitter, On Second Thought, Talk Media News, Kraus Aerospace and more.

    Shelly has the privilege of being appointed to the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) by the Obama Administration and Vice Chair of Secretary Clinton's Women in Public Service Project. Shelly has been named one of the top 20 influential Indian women by the Economic Times of India, named to the Forbes ‘40 women to watch over 40’ list in 2013, and profiled by Fast Company as one of three entrepreneurs achieving success through selfless work. Served as National Co-Chair for Technology during the 2012 presidential campaign for President Obama. Advisor and investor in various female led companies and frequent judge in high profile startup pitch competitions including the first ever demo day at the White House.


    Shelly is a staunch advocate for STEM education for women and girls and holds an MS in Management Information Systems and a BS in in Management Information Systems from the University of Maryland College Park.


    Alexander Papazian

    Philisopher & Economist


    Alex is currently working on a book about practical risk taking. He studied philosophy and economics in graduate school at the London School of Economics. He previously worked in finance and in silicon valley. Alex was born in Germany and raised in Hawaii - and has been kiting since last week.


    Antti Pennanen

    Photography-Loving Tech-Cowboy

    Antti Pennanen is a photography-loving tech-cowboy roaming the globe with the panache of Silver Surfer and clothing style to match.


    Launching Finland's leading animation studio Anima Vitae before his 20th birthday wasn't outrageous enough so he went on and created Basemotion, which later became the largest animation animation studio in the Baltics. But hey, that's not all. Andy's start-up hunger is nowhere near as satisfied as he has since kickstarted few notable IT companies, such as cloud based infrastructure service Freedom Zone and innovative global banking service provider Secure Action.


    Right now he's focusing his seemingly endless energy to MONI, a financial technology company with a mission to provide better banking tools to consumers – anyone, anywhere.


    Susan Coelius Keplinger

    San Francisco Entrepreneur & Avid Athlete

    I am the founder and CEO of Start With Diet, a very tiny early stage startup focused on gut health and the microbiome.


    Previously I was Founder and President of Triggit, an ad technology company. Triggit helped big brands like Booking.com, Home Depot, and Walmart leverage customer data to serve personalized ads. Triggit was sold to Gravity4 in 2015. Prior to Triggit, I co-founded Votes For Students, a Pew Charitable Trusts funded non-profit dedicated to measuring the efficacy of Internet and Email marketing as a Get-out-the-Vote technique. I am also an advisor and investor in various companies including Ring, Nurx, and Revl.


    I earned my BA from Northwestern University, where the USA Todaynamed me one of the nation's top college students in 2004. The Fortune Most Powerful Women Community recently named me a top emerging entrepreneur.


    Beyond my entrepreneurial forays, I love to sport and can be found chasing the wind and waves while kitesurfing or hurling down the sides mountains on skis or downhill bike.


    Linda Lehto

    Sustainable Development Consultant, Designer & Co-manager of Guardian of the Baltic Sea

    Linda and her sister Heini Lehto design and manage Guardian of the Baltic Sea charity jewellery line, which donates its profits to save the most polluted sea in the world. With a passion to protect the environment and a Nordic girl power -attitude the sisters are launching a new line - Guardian of the Oceans - this year to fundraise for all the worlds oceans.

    Linda believes that design can be used as a tool for creating wellbeing and empowerment. She is currently working as a freelance consultant in two peace support and livelihood projects in India and Kenya. She is the Chairperson of Tikau Share, a Finnish NGO that organizes livelihood projects in the Indian rural villages where Tikau company’s design products are made. For the past seven years she has done field work in rural India, developing small-scale business initiatives and research projects with the local Dalit communities.

    Paul Kirchoff

    Entrepreneur, Investor and Global Adventurer

    Paul is an avid entrepreneur, investor and global adventurer. He is the founder and CEO of EPX Worldwide, an exclusive community of explorers and entrepreneurs driving faster business success and maxing out the planet's most amazing experiences. EPX is both a community and tech company - using software to help accelerate social/business connections and drive home experiential networking - the most powerful path to business success.


    Members include billionaires to F-16 pilots, professional race car drivers and pro tennis players, members of the House of Lords to the youngest American to summit all 7 world peaks and to a five time space shuttle captain. Experiences have included trips to Cuba, a recent expedition to Mount Everest, crossing the Sahara, trips into a glacier in Iceland and will continue with Nicaraguan volcanos, EPX train takeovers, Russian MIGs to space and much more.


    He has built and sold two marketing software/agency companies, built a couple of multi-$B business units at Dell early in his career and is also building another software venture that will accelerate social good.


    He's also a member if the world famous, 113 year old Explorers Club and a vCMO for two multi-$B companies. Perpetually addicted to a blank sheet of paper.


    Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, World Weader & Bad Ass

    Future entrepreneur, humanitarian, world leader and bad ass. Recently won Coolest Kid on the Planet. James Dean reincarnated. Kristina Roth’s nephew.

    Aki Koivistoine

    Entrepreneur, Strategist & Batteries Included Renaissance Man

    Aki is leading the European arm of StartUp Health. StartUp Health is a global health innovation company and growth platform for entrepreneurs transforming health. StartUp Health has the world’s largest portfolio of digital health companies - 200 startups spanning 18 different countries - and network of over 40 000 innovators, industry leaders and investors committed to supporting the entrepreneurs re-imagining health and wellness.


    Earlier Aki was a co-founder of Karyon Ltd, a medical biotech company, developing targeted carrier molecules for imaging and treatment of solid tumors. As a strategist he works in industry and government levels to boost co-creation businesses. Aki also serves on the advisory boards of startups he has invested in.


    One Planet - One Life

    Alex Crux

    Heart Touching Dutch DJ​

    Both inviting and inspiring, the universally Deep & Sexy music of Dutch DJ Alex Cruz, doesn’t merely grab people’s attention - it touches their hearts.

    In August 2013, after having successfully played across multiple genres throughout Europe, Alex was eager to define his own authentic sound and set out to do so through the creation of regularly released Soundcloud podcasts aptly titled “Deep & Sexy”. By selecting only music that touches his heart from a vast and varied musical database, Alex fresh and timeless signature style expertly weaves acoustic, percussive, and vocal elements into his electronic tapestry, painting a warm, soul-stirring and reflective image that simultaneously grounds and uplifts his listeners. Now with millions of listeners across his online platforms, Alex has released 28 adoringly received podcasts, gaining a rapidly increasing international fan base who eagerly anticipates the next “Deep & Sexy” musical journey from Alex Cruz.

    Three years after founding “Deep & Sexy”, Alex is truly feeling the love from his supporters as evidenced by the amazing opportunities 2016 has provided him. A few highlights include playing twice for Sir Richard Branson on his private Necker Island; being the only DJ selected to play at the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro; and playing for 3,000 people on the main deck of a cruise ship following the Ziggy Marley and the Wailors band.

    Alex is a resident DJ for Daybreaker, one of the fastest growing dance movements on the planet, known for throwing morning parties internationally. In addition, Alex started throwing his own Deep & Sexy parties in October 2015 in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, with intentions of expanding worldwide. In these high vibe, well-loved Deep & Sexy showcases, Alex brings on live acoustic instrumentalists to perform during his set, creating an exciting, collaborative musical experience that is indicative of his current production style.

    In addition to his many international gigs, Alex is actively producing songs, primarily as collaborations with acoustic instrumentalists or vocalists. His remix of Xavier Rudd’s “Follow The Sun”, released by Time / Universal Records in 2016, quickly reached the number 1 position on iTunes in countries such as The Netherlands and Australia. Listen for many more magical tracks to be released in the upcoming months. One of those tracks will be ‘Sweet Child’ a cover of the international number 1 hit by Guns ’n Roses from back in the 90’s.

    Alex’s true aim is to make the world a better place by bringing depth, love, and joy through music to as many hearts as possible. When music that stems from a place of such humble, selfless authenticity is met with the skillful mind and touch of such a talented artist, the palpable results are undeniable, powerful, and universal. In 2016 Alex played on 5 continents, a testament to the universal appeal of his music and the deep joy it brings to open hearts.

    Lothar Erhard

    PhD (Dr.rer.nat.) in Physics.​


    Lothar E. Stein Investor Lothar is an Investor with a special interest in early stage companies and high tech investments. His portfolio companies include: Navvis, indoor 3D mapping and navigation based on computer vision, Konux, sensors based on an optical technology, and Sinn Power, a completely new technology to generate electricity from ocean waves. Lothar holds a PhD (Dr.rer.nat.) in Physics. He was a senior Partner with McKinsey & Co and worked with many leading Companies world wide on Strategy, Innovation, Operations and Organisation. In his leisure time Lothar enjoys a broad range of outdoor sports including kite surfing, swimming, biking, mountain hiking and skiing. In doors he is a is a HiFi audio enthusiast. Lothar Erhard

    Jeany Stein

    Entrepreneur & Investor

    Jeany Stein is an entrepreneur and has successfully created and grown several companies. Presently, Jeany is the CEO & Founder of Panotip, an interactive knowledge-based platform that enables immediate, efficient connection between people seeking advice and experts offering customized, personal assistance as well as online education. Jeany is also founder and chairman of Select2gether. Jeany also founded Design Universe to replace written paper forms with electronic ones through Mobile tablets.

    Jeany regularly gives invited talks for national and international technology and business forums on the subject of the future of intelligent and disruptive technologies. Presently, she is an advisor and mentor to many women in Tech and she is an investor in several startups.

    Jeany has pursued a number of philanthropic endeavors. She created the MEI Foundation (Mentor- Empower- Impact) to empower leadership in women and men.


    Jorrit St

    Entrepreneur & Investor


    Jorrit got his Masters degree at Delft University of Technology while starting his first small companies. After university, he founded a software development company specializing in scalable e-commerce systems. Parallel he Co-founded an e-commerce retail company running 65 webshops with in-house it and logistics. The company was sold to a Dutch publisher (online, magazines, television) in which he gained media experience while he worked as e-commerce director for 3 years.


    Currently, Jorrit invests in a few new companies like polarsteps.com and founded ChannelEngine.com, a software as a service platform which unlocks automated marketplace sales for international retailers, wholesalers, and brands on all major marketplaces in Europe.


    Next to actively growing these companies and helping other entrepreuneurs he loves kitesurfing and any outdoor sports. He strives to keep a good balance between family, friends, adventures, sports and work. Last year he traveled around the world for 7 months with his wife and 3 kids, enjoying life and exploring many countries.

    Scott Hartman

    Entrepreneur & Investor

    Outdoor sports enthusiast, convention challenger


    Born in Michigan, raised in California, lived in Pennsylvania and currently in Connecticut. I began ocean sailing at the age of 8 in California with family and continue to enjoy competitive sailing today with Thistle class racing. Then while living on the East Coast I developed a passion for snowboarding and mountain biking, and recently learned to windsurf and then kiteboard, which as become my latest true passion.


    I currently lead category strategy for personal care products at Edgewell and have had similar roles at L'Oreal Paris and Post Foods. Growing up as a GenXer I constantly challenged convention and I continue to do that in business with long range plans to improve and evolve status quo. I'm driven by the challenge of finding a new path forward and enjoy collaborating with others to overcome uncertainty.


    Another true passion I have is deconstruction and reverse engineering. I've rebuilt many total loss motorcycles and cars as a hobby, making them better than original. I currently have plans drawn for a widely used consumer product that would massively disrupt its current category and achieve a significantly reduced global carbon footprint. My goal is to prototype this product within the next 6 months once I identify partners to draw the 3D files and print the components.



    Susan Buckwalter

    Innovator, Outdoor Adventurer, Problem-Solver

    Susan's curiosity, creativity and drive has lead her to a unique set of work experiences. After graduating with a Psychology major and French and Neuroscience minors, she traveled around the world teaching critical thinking to high school students, then later settled in the Berkshires to live on a mountain and run an outdoor retreats center for the YMCA. Ready to be reintroduced back into civilization, Susan pursued an MBA from the Johnson School at Cornell University and upon graduation, moved to NYC. There she spent several years managing brand strategy and innovation for Dove, Degree and Dove Men+care. She was most moved by her work on Dove's self esteem program and her role as a Unilever Foundation Ambassador to UNICEF. She currently leads innovation at the personal care company eos.

    She loves a creative challenge: often advising small start-ups on marketing, social mission and branding, as well as crafting her own ideas for products.

    Susan discovered kiteboarding as a way to escape Manhattan and spend more time on the water. Her passion for people and adventure has taken her to over 50 countries to ski, kite, volunteer, immerse and explore. She wants to leverage her skill set and passions to further drive positive social and environmental impact





  • A Special Evening for our Oceans

    June 28, 2017

    The Great House Ball Room, Necker Island


    Uniting and Activating Powerful Voices for Ocean Conservation

    Definitive science and clear policy options point the way to what must be done to restore and protect marine life. But like many global challenges, the intelligence, science, policy knowledge and expertise is often fragmented and frequently does not reach the right ears at critical moments.


    Ocean Unite has been set up to assist with this unique challenge: to unite and amplify impactful voices to secure a healthy and vital ocean.


    The Ocean is like the Earth’s circulatory system. It provides us with food, fresh water, energy, medicine and the oxygen in every second breath we take.


    Now it is in trouble.


    Despite the efforts of many respected civil society organizations and advocates, there is still an unacceptable level of degradation. Increasing demand for resources, technological advances, overfishing, climate change, pollution, biodiversity and habitat loss, alongside weak high seas governance and inadequate law enforcement, are all contributing to its decline.


    The good news is that awareness and concern are escalating and the health of the ocean is becoming a greater concern for citizens and their leaders around the world.

    Our goal is to place the ocean at the forefront of political consciousness; to deepen the recognition that the health of our ocean must be recognised as one of the 21st century’s prevailing challenges and opportunities;and that it requires immediate attention.


    By uniting these powerful voices Ocean Unite, will work to set in motion coordinated, high impact actions to get the key messages to the right people at the moments that matter.

    The ocean can rebound. We need it to. Billions of us rely on it for food; half the oxygen we breathe, for transport, shipping, leisure, and spiritual solace.


    Despite this doom and gloom scenario, we live in a time where unprecedented opportunities abound that can restore the Ocean, such as protecting 30% of the Ocean by 2030.


  • The Logistics


    18.5268° N, 64.3586° W

    Necker Island is Sir Richard Branson’s private island paradise. It is barefoot luxury in a setting that’s just about as exclusive as it gets. Necker Island is located in the Caribbean in the beautiful and unspoiled British Virgin Islands.
    With only 16 rooms on Necker, the total capacity is 26 guests per booking. The staff is professional and constantly searching for new ways to improve guest's experiences. There is a stunning array of wildlife on Necker Island, from lemurs to flamingos to giant tortoises.

    From sandy white beaches to crystal clear water, on Necker Island there’s no shortage of things to do during the day including watersports, tennis, spa treatments, exploring. And when the sun goes down... the party starts.


    June 25 - 29

    The best airport to fly into is EIS, Beef Island, Tortola. You will be met by someone who will take you to Trellis Bay dock. There, you’ll be met by a Necker Island boat to bring you onto the island. Please keep in mind when you are booking flights that the first pickups to Necker begin at 3:30pm on 25th June, for those arriving early we can recommend somewhere to enjoy lunch & cocktails until pick ups begin. Departures are on the 29th with a 12pm latest check out time, we are able to accommodate with early boat runs for early morning flights!


    Necker Island has 17 rooms, 9 rooms at the Great House, 6 Bali Houses & 2 rooms at Sir Richard's Temple House. Once on Necker Island your stay is all inclusive of 4 nights accommodation, all meals, beverages, activities (except spa), water-sports, kiting lessons & the airport transfer via a private Necker Island boat. Rates vary depending on room type. All room rates are based on 2 people per room and in USD. You can download the room breakdown below which shows the vibe & style of each room.