January 23 - 26, 2017


    Join us for a week on the world’s most luxurious island to play and net "work" - all with that little extra sprinkle of Nikhil magic.

    We are on a mission to connect you to like-minded individuals in an environment designed to inspire and motivate.


    We have crafted a week with the perfect combination of work and play. Nikhil is curating a unique group of individuals with a mission to shape the future for good.


    We are a group of badasses who like to push the limits of life and believe in being conscious of the environment.


    We are notoriously known as the group who "properly uses the island the way it should be used" meaning we always know how to have a good time out there. Look forward to social beach lunches, offshore adventures, dinner under the stars, conservation efforts, watersports, costume parties & beats by our DJ - Alex Cruz.


    We hope to see you there :)


    Susi and Nikhil



  • The Logistics


    18.5268° N, 64.3586° W

    Necker Island is Sir Richard Branson’s private island paradise. It is barefoot luxury in a setting that’s just about as exclusive as it gets. Necker Island is located in the Caribbean in the beautiful and unspoiled British Virgin Islands.
    With only 16 rooms on Necker, the total capacity is 26 guests per booking. The staff is professional and constantly searching for new ways to improve guest's experiences. There is a stunning array of wildlife on Necker Island, from lemurs to flamingos to giant tortoises.

    From sandy white beaches to crystal clear water, on Necker Island there’s no shortage of things to do during the day including watersports, tennis, spa treatments, exploring. And when the sun goes down... the party starts.


    June 25 - 29

    The best airport to fly into is EIS, Beef Island, Tortola. You will be met by someone who will take you to Trellis Bay dock. There, you’ll be met by a Necker Island boat to bring you onto the island. Please keep in mind when you are booking flights that the first pickups to Necker begin at 3:30pm on 25th June, for those arriving early we can recommend somewhere to enjoy lunch & cocktails until pick ups begin. Departures are on the 29th with a 12pm latest check out time, we are able to accommodate with early boat runs for early morning flights!


    Necker Island has 17 rooms, 9 rooms at the Great House, 6 Bali Houses & 2 rooms at Sir Richard's Temple House. Once on Necker Island your stay is all inclusive of 4 nights accommodation, all meals, beverages, activities (except spa), water-sports, kiting lessons & the airport transfer via a private Necker Island boat. Rates vary depending on room type. All room rates are based on 2 people per room and in USD. You can download the room breakdown below which shows the vibe & style of each room.

  • Who' Going

    Susi Mai

    Host / Kite Caddy

    Susi was born in Germany to parents who were passionate windsurfers. When she was 5 years old her family moved to the Dominican Republic to pursue their love of adventure and great beaches. There, Susi grew up on the island, living the carefree life of a beach girl. When she was a teenager, she discovered her life’s passion: kiteboarding. After only 8 months of practicing, to everyone’s surprise, she placed 2nd in her first international PKRA competition.


    From that point on, her career in kiteboarding exploded, winning three consecutive "Red Bull King of the Air" in Maui, considered one of the most prestigious events in the sport.


    Today, Susi is considered one of the most inspirational and decorated female kiteboarders in the world. Her deep passion for growing sport has manifested into a number of creative, innovative and impactful projects, including her previous gig at MaiTai Globalt (dubbed by the media as the “anti-conference” and likened to the prestigious TED conferences).


    She’s also designed and developed the first ever line line of kiteboarding equipment – just for girls – setting the scene for a female gear market.


    When Susi’s not traveling around the world chasing the perfect wind, competing professionally, and striving to get the number of girls to outnumber boys on the water, she calls the Dominican Republic home, where she has a dog, a closet and her family.

    Nikhil Kalghati



    Sir Richard Branson

    Necker Local

    This man knows the island really well and will occasionally be dropping in to kitesurf or have a meal with us, at which point he will also be happy to answer any questions about the island wildlife.


    This is just an indication to give you a sense of what the days on Necker Island tend to be like. We own the island for the week so we can really do anything we want anytime of course !




    4:00 pm - Champagne Welcome to Necker Island at the Great House for the "Slip n Slide - Right of Passage"


    Wear your bathing suit :)


    8:00 pm - Dinner will be served at the Great House Southern Terrace




    Breakfast will be served at the Great House from 8:00 am onward


    9:00 am - WELCOME meeting and Speakers


    1:00 pm - Lunch will be served at the Crocodile Table


    2:00 pm - Kite, Paddle Board, Sail to Saba Rock for drinks


    3:00 pm - Lemur Feeding


    5:30 pm - Hot Tub Session


    7pm - A Special Speaker will tell us what's up at Bali Hi Beach

    Dinner will be served at 8pm at Bali Hi Beach




    After Party: Bali Hi Bonfire Party


    THURSDAY - Moskito

    Moskito Breakfast - Downwinder from Necker Watersports to Moskito


    10:00 am - Moskito Talks :)


    2:00 pm - Lunch will be served at Turtle Beach


    3:00 pm - Sail, Paddle board, Kayak, Snorkel off Turtle beach


    Cocktails will be served from 7pm at the Great House

    The Ocean Affair Dinner and Fundraising Auction will be at 8pm at the Great House




    After Party: Beach Bar Party & DJ ALEX CRUZ :)





    8:00 am - YOGA / Kite Session


    Farewell Breakfast will be served at the Great House from 8:00 am onward until the last boat departs Necker at 11:00 am.