• May 14 - 20

  • INFO


    This year, we will use Kailua as our base as it is the most convenient location to hit all the kite spots and highlights of the island from.


    We recommend you stay as close as possible to Kailua Beach Park where we launch and land our kites.

    Sammy's Aloha Watersports

    We're teaming up with one of Susi's old buddies and pro-Dominican windsurfer Sammy, who transplanted to Hawaii and now runs a one-stop fun shop for all things water related.

  • Who's (Maybe) Going

    This is an indication, not an exact list of who's been invited or who's guaranteed to show up :)

    We're adding Bios as they come in - email yours to franca@susimai.com

    Susi Mai


    Pro Kiter. Ocean Defender. Chocolate's Worst Nightmare.

    Tom Katis

    The Commander

    Military. Voxer. Badass.

    Ben Holz


    Started his career as a technologist (software engineer) then started two coffee shops.

    He makes the best lattes on Maui and has a new puppy named Chloe.


    Ting Ji


    Ting's recent startup was seeded by Mueller Ventures, launched in January and is currently in the very early stages of development but already proving to be out of this world.

    Christian Sanz

    Founder and CEO, Skycatch ​

    Navy veteran, entrepreneur and team leader with a strong business background, and over 20 years of experience in software and technical leadership.



    Will Del Hagen

    Engineer at LightStep

    Improving visibility in distributed software systems.


    James Lindenbaum

    Founder at Heroku

    Heroku, a Salesforce company and industry pioneer in platform as a service (PaaS), enables developers to build and run applications entirely in the cloud, without the need to purchase or maintain any servers or software.


    Samantha Murillo


    Freelance PR, Marketing Consultant and Flower Designer


    Rob Born

    Justin Shaffer

    Public Studio, Facebook ​



    Jamie Siminoff

    CEO and Chief Inventor at Ring

    A entrepreneur driven by the idea of winning no matter how tough the challengeSpecialties: VOIP, network design, efficient customer acquisition and bootstrap startups.


    Kevin Mahaffey

    Founder, CTO at Lookout

    Started building (and breaking) software when I was 8 years old and it's been downhill ever since. Engineer, entrepreneur, investor, hacker, snowboarder, struggling artist, kitesurfer.


    Todd Francis

    Managing Director at Shasta Ventures

    Shasta Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early stage technology companies. His entire career has been focused on consumer companies. Looking to help build technology enabled consumer companies


    Jean Sini

    Vive la France

    Reliably breaking kite gear since 2007

    Kon Othmer

    Secret Ninja

    Head in the Cloud(car)