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    The “SUSI MAI Invitational” will take place in Cabarete during the dates of July 21 - 23. 2017.


    The world’s best kiteboarders will be going up against each strong local Dominican talent, providing the ultimate showdown over the weekend, with the final taking place on Sunday, July 23rd.


    The competition will have a fun new format known as


    “The Shorebreak Superstars Show”


    It consists of using the shore break as a kicker to do Freestyle and Big Air. We are looking for the most complete rider able to do both. We will likely go for a dingle elimination, meaning everyone will have a second chance.


    Irresistible beaches and a sparkling shoreline make the background for the inauguration of the SUSI MAI Invitational competition, the most exciting in the world of kiteboarding.


    In an unprecedented event, the SUSI MAI Invitational promises to be a fully collaborative supported sports event, where enterprising entertainers and kiteboarding enthusiasts take an active part in making the tournament a reality for everyone.


    SUSI MAI thanks the main sponsors, without whom the event would not be possible:


    - OtherWorldComputing (OWC),

    - Millennium

    - Soloshot

    - AMAN Hotels

    - Windvoyager

    - SWOX


    Susi Mai is collaborating intensively with the leading professional athletes in the sport, exhibiting passion in their new joint initiative.


    "It has been a great effort and I am extremely proud to be able to bring this competition back to my home beach. For me it is a way to help Dominican athletes present their talents to the world. United we can all ensure that the sport continues to attract tourists to our island while we support environmental initiatives. "


    SUSI MAI has started a new adventure and building her own brand, she will continue to create experiences focused on finding extraordinary athletes, innovators, and artists who share a common love of kiteboarding, adventure, and our oceans. SUSI MAI has achieved an incredible network of professional contacts united by the enthusiasm and interests towards an extreme environment.


    "I participated in my first competition for the world cup in Cabarete in 2003. To my surprise, and the others, I came in second place almost winning the champion of that time. It was the debut in my professional kiteboarding career and now I only hope to be able to give back to this incredible sport that has taken me for a ride my whole life. My heart is filled with gratitude to the community of Cabarete for cooperating with their resources and for believing in me. Time to Rock and Roll! "- Susi Mai


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  • 2016 Documentary

  • Images from the WKL by Svetlana Romanovska