I am beyond stoked to announce that I won first place in the Red Bull Rally dos Ventos event in Brazil, Sept 16, 2017.


    It is a "Kite Endurance" event where 40 competitors had to race 65km through the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.


    It was a tough race and the start was so hectic that I had no idea what position I was in until after I crossed the finish line.


    Legs, skin and even my eyeballs were burning but the wind was cooperating, helping us get across the giant sand dunes between the lagoons.


    Once my legs were getting too tired, I started testing out different ways to get across the dunes and ended up actually finding out that sitting on your board like a sled lets you not only conserve energy but also steer yourself left and right.


    After close to 3 hours out there, I rounded the last corner, climbed the last dune and finally saw the finish line. It was one of the most rewarding moments to kite through the gates and even more so when I found out I had won !!!


    Special thanks for Red Bull for putting this incredible event together and to the people of the Lencois, for doing such a great job at protecting this magical place.