Kailua Bay

    May 13 - 19, 2019

  • Hi There :)

    If you are on this page it means you're one of my special people who has received an invite to join me on my adventure birthday in Oahu. This week is about kitesurfing, adventures and having a good time with great people.

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    This year, we will use Kailua as our base as it is the most convenient location to hit all the kite spots and highlights of the island from.


    We recommend you stay as close as possible to Kailua Beach Park where we launch and land our kites.

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    Sammy's Aloha Watersports

    We're teaming up with one of Susi's old buddies and pro-Dominican windsurfer, Sammy, who transplanted to Hawaii and now runs a one-stop fun shop for all things water related. He will take us out on SUPs, surfing, etc :)


    Keeping it very simple as always :) Things can change according to the wind forecast.


    Monday May 13 - Wednesday May 15

    Lots of us will be out there for a whole week getting settled, exploring the area and sneaking in a few sessions here and there.

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    Blastoff !!!

    Thursday May 16

    Mokolua Island Paddle (please sign up on the FB group)


    Activities and Adventures


    Dinner in honor of SheChange The Film



    A group of fearless ladies will be gathered to celebrate the ocean and their quest for equality.


    Get ready to hear some rad stories and share a meal with some absolute legends in big wave surfing.


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    Skydiving / Surfing - North Shore Day

    Friday May 17

    8:00 am - Depart for North Shore


    SKYDIVE !!!!!


    Lunch @ Haleiwa


    Kite or Surf @ Mokuleia Bay - North Shore


    Open Dinner (most likely we will end up at Haleiwa Joe's)

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    Birthday Time

    Saturday May 18

    Morning: Shark Diving - Please find more info here:




    I am working on booking us a couple of private charters, more info coming soon!


    Kite and Fun Times


    Dinner + Party @HALEIWA JOE'S in Kaneohe

  • With an open agenda, the power is back to YOU to plan or contribute something special. This can be a dinner, activity, competition, whatever. You tell us what and we will help you make it happen!